Broome County, New York
Pottery Identification Page
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Here's a project that has taken some time to work
on, but is the only one on the web that I am aware
of for Broome County, New York.  In 2007 I had
the privilage of purchasing a very small part of the
Henry Graham Collection from a seller in
Conneticuit.  It was important to me to keep
Broome County Artifacts here in Broome County
where they belong.

 Many of the pottery shards contained here came
from the Castle Creek Site on Upper Front Street,
in Binghamton, New York, and from the Port
Dickinson sites.  Sadly, the Castle Creek Site is now
under a Lowe's Home and Harware Center, and
the Port Dickinson sites are covered by
neighborhoods of nice homes.  That fact alone
makes these shards so important as these sites will
never again produce artifacts like them again.  The
shards give us an idea of who lived there, for how
long they lived there, and what they used as pottery
utensils.  My only regret is that I did not have the
money to buy all that was offered.  I have been able
obtain pictures of some of the materials that I
could not afford as a help to those who are
interested in the pottery traditions here in Broome
County as well as other important artifacts.  It is
my hope that you enjoy this rare look into the
ceramics culture of the Souther Tier of New York.

 Also be sure to look at some of the other artifacts
that came from these famous Broome County sites
that I have obtained photos of.
Owasco Pottery
Corded Collar
Corded Oblique
Corded Horizontal
Vinette Pottery
Vinette I
Dentate Stamped
Point Peninsula Pottery
Rocker Stamped
Ford Net Marked Pottery
Corded Collar
Jack's Reef
Zoned Incised
Wickham Incised
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