My First Points
The below points are some of the points I knapped in my very first few years of
knapping.  One of those points was one I "knapped" in 1983 in an attempt to make a
point to tip an atlatl dart.  I guess I've always been destined to be a knapper!!! Yes, these
points are pretty rough, but I learned a lot while making them (like the importance of
having a good supply of band-aids near by at all times).  I share these with you not
because I'm proud of them, but as encouragement to those new knappers struggling
through their first few years in this great hobby. If you have been knapping for a while,
take a moment to think back and remember some of those first ugly points that you
Now Presenting:  The Jonstone Collection
Also Know As.........Toilet Tank Material
  Wow, and to think I used to show these points around to people!  
Here are some of the points I made in 2003 out of a couple of toilet
tank lids.  It's not the greatest of material, but I'm glad the above
points weren't made out of high quality Burlington Chert.  I learned a
lot about percussion hammering my way through these points, so
believe it or not, I was making progress.