This page contains pictures of knappers and the points I've collected from them either by trade, puchase, or via
this page.  If you are a knapper and want to appear on this website page, simply send me a picture of yourself
knapping and mail me a point you knapped.  You will get your picture and point displayed here for free, and I
get to keep the point as my fee.  I'll also put any other information you send along with the picture so long as it
has to do with flintknapping (e-mail address, website, phone, address etc...)  My fee, the point you mail to me,
must be signed and doesn't have to be your super best point, but keep in mind, it will be beside your picture and

   I've provided this service in an effort to create a place other knappers can come to  see who other knappers
are and what they can knap.  This is also a great way to get free advertising for knappers who need it.  Show the
entire world your abilities for the cost of a point!!!  Send me a picture of you knapping via e-mail to:, and then mail your point to:  Michael McGrath, 39 Vine St, Binghamton, NY
13903.  As soon as I receive both the point and picture I will post it immediately.  We will not take responsibility
for lost or damaged points, so pack those points carefully!!  I look forward to adding you here, all knappers are
Knappers Wall
Dan Long
Dan Long is a master
flintknapper from
Ontario, Canada.  He has
a great
website, so be
sure to check it out. Dan
is also an author of
several magazine articles,
as well as being an
excellent demostrator of
the skills of
flintknapping.  If that
wasn't enough, Dan also
collects indian artifacts.
Pictured left, Dan was
knapping an Ovate knife
blade at the 2004
Letchworth Knap-in

Points from left to
Hopewell, PA Jasper
Esopus Clovis
Ken Wallace
Ken Wallace is a
master knapper from
Castile, New York.  He
founded the Letchworth
Knap-in as a small
gathering in his back
yard.  Of course this
eventually grew into the
largest knap-in in the
North East being held
annually at Letchworth
State Park, Mt. Morris,

While Ken doesn't have
a website, he has
written several good
articles for Chips
Magazine and has
taught many of us New
York knappers how to
knap.  He's also an avid
collector of indian

Points left to right:
Top Left: Onondaga
Perkiomen, Bottom
Left: Colha Calf Creek,
Right:  Burlington
Jim Fisher
Jim is an avocational
archaeologist and
knapper who lives in
Grand Island, N.Y.  Jim
also enjoys casting
darts with his atlatl.  He
has a great
website with
many interesting things
to see that deal with
artifacts and knapping.  
He is also an excellent
author and has a few
magazine articles he's
written on knapping and
archaeology.  If you
attend the
knap-in, you'll see him
there always knapping,
throwing atlatl darts and
helping out.  Here's Jim
outside Ken Wallace's
place after a little
gathering in the spring
of 2007.  His website is
excellent and worth
spending a lot of time in.

Right:  A nicely done
Dovetail made from
Nether's Variety of
Flint Ridge Chert