Knappers Wall
Jim Redfearn
Jim Redfearn is one of the
best flintknappers in all of
North America. He lives in
Greeenfield Missouri and
specializes in knapping
Hardin and Dalton point.
Jim has been knapping for
around 30 years and been
teaching others how to
knap for many years now.
He can knap just about any
point type out there and his
points are in high demand.  
Check out his high quality
work on his
website.  Jim
also his several video tapes
out, and I personally have
learned a great deal from
each of them.  Right is a
beveled Hardin point made
by Jim out of
Dan Theus
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Dan is also one of the top
knappers in North
America.  He's been
knapping for I believe 15 -
16 years now, and is one
of the most exacting and
technical knappers I've
seen work.  Dan lives in
San Antonio, Texas.  
While Dan doesn't have a
website, you can see his
work at most of the major
knap-ins held around the
country.  Dan can make
any point that is out there,
but is known especially for
his large fluted Clovis and
Cumberland points that
are almost always fluted
perfectly from base to tip
on both sides.  Dan can
also knap the nices narrow
dogleg notches using
indirect percussion and a
copper nail.  Right is a
fine example of one of his
dogleg notched points
made from Rainy Buttes
(petrified wood).
Gary Parton
Gary is from Blue Eye
Missouri, which is near
Branson.  Gary has been
knapping for a few years
now.  Right is a corner
notched  point made from
heat treated Burlington
Chert.  Gary sent me this
point during a rock trade we
negotiated, seems Gary
wanted to try some of NY's
finest and of course I could
always use some nice heat
treated Burlington.
I think every flintknapper in this country knows who D.C.
Waldorf is.  He's one of the fathers of this great hobby and is
considered by all a master knapper.  Dave has been knapping
with antler billets since the 1960's. He grew up in Ohio, so of
course, he's known for his awesome replicas of Thebes points,
E-Notches, and Dovetails.  D.C. can knap any point he sets his
mind to, and many of the great knappers we know today got
their start learning from him.  D.C. also is a master at making
Danish Daggers of all sorts.  He's the Senior Editor of
magazine, and an author of many of  flintknappings must have
reference books.  Be sure to check out his
website, as well as
look him up at a knap in.  I apologize for the terrible picture of
him to the left, but it's the only one I have since Dave has not
made it to the New York Knap-in since 2004.  Right are a
Dovetail made from Haverster Chert, and a Meadowood from
D.C. Waldorf