Portfolio of Sold Points Page 1
Here is a look into my portfolio of sold points.  It's often said that an artist does
not own any of his best work, and that certainly is true in some cases with the
points here, while in some case it's points purchased from my earlier knapping
years.  I offer this portfolio in effort to show those interested what I've knapped
in the past that others just had to purchase for their own enjoyment.  This is area
to view the variety of points I can knap that may not be evident in the ones I offer
for sale currently.  If you see a point type or color here and want to custom order
a point, please feel free to contact me at mike@susquehanna-wd.com.
A nice Dovetail point
made from Bull's Eye
Jasper.  The colors in this
stone almost resemble
Flint Ridge chert, and I've
even had a few knappers
think it was Flint Ridge.  
At just of 3 inches long
and 1 3/4 inches wide near
the base, it makes for a
nice average sized
Dovetail point.  You can't
beat the color, and the
opposite side is of the
same qulaity as the side
shown here.

Authentic looking Clovis
point made out of
Chert.  At 3 1/4 " long, it's
a nice authentic size.  The
flute in the picture is 2 1/4
" long while the flute on
the other side is an
authentic 1/3 of the length
of the point.  I've added a
slight patina, so I would
classify this point as a
replica. I don't think I've
ever seen an Esopus
Clovis point for sale on the
net, so get this one before
it's gone.                  $22.00
This Agate Basin is made
from a nice piece of Carter
Cave Chert, and is 3 1/4
inches long, and a little
over 1 1/4 inches wide at
the widest point.  Of
course, the base and sides
are abraided about 1/3 of
the way up from the base.  
This is a nice flawless

Agate Basin
This point is wide!  
It's made of of
Texas Tabular
Chert and is 3 3/4
inches long and 2
1/2 inches wide at
the basal barbs.
This guy is a hair
too thick or it would
be in my keeper
case. A patina was
applied to give a
good replica look to

Here's a fine Knife River Clovis Point.  Well, it's not really Knife
River, but it sure does look like it.  It's actually Rootbeer Flint from
Texas.  It was knapped with Outre Passe flaking, most of which was
taken out with a resharpening on the blade edges.  At 3 inches long
and a hair over 1 1/4 inches at it's widest part, it's a fine replica.  This
point was also fluted by percussion.  The basal area has also been
ground and polished just like the originals were.  The flute on the
signature side "skipped" over a flaw in the stone and kept right on
going leaving an odd looking flute but still looks nice.  This point has
very translucent properties!!
P07-12  Clovis
This right sized
Hardin won 2nd place
amongst a friendly
knapping contest on
the Knappers R Us
flintknapping forum.  
It's made from
Burlington Chert and
is a really fine piece.  
It's correctly beveled
and has the tiny
serrations that the
authentic Hardins
did.  At 3 1/2 inches
long and almost 1 1/2
inches at it's widest
part it definately fits
the bill for a Hardin

P08-12 Hardin
P07-06 Dalton
Here's a nice Dalton
made from Burlington
Chert out of Missouri.  
This is a nice thin replica
point and represents an
average sized Dalton
point at 3 inches long and
an inch wide at its widest
part.  This is also a thin
point at less than a 1/4
inch at it's thickest part.  I
applied a fake patina to it
because it was such a
white color that it was
hard to see the flaking.  
This is a nice piece and a
great replica for anyone's

P07-13  Clovis
This is one super Clovis point made from Texas Pedernales Chert.  
The flutes extend over half way on both sides and were done with
percussion so that they have the same look as the originals.  At 3
1/2 inches long and a hair over 1 1/4 inches at it's widest part.  The
early flaking was done in the Outre Passe flaking style  This is a
fine replica for anyones collection.