Points Page 2
P06-15 Clovis
Here's a 3 3/4 inch Clovis point made from Texas Tabular Chert.  
This point was made with Outre Passe flaking and has an artificial
patina applied.  While only fluted on one side, the flute showing is 1
3/4 inches long.  Many of the original Clovis points were only fluted
on one side.  This would be a good display piece.  The flute flake
also comes with the point.
P07-03 Hopewell
This Hopewell is 3 3/4
inches long and a hair
over 2 1/4 inches at
it's widest point.  It
accurately represents
a Hopewell point
before any use or
resharpening.  It was
made out of
Burlington Chert that
closely mirrors the
plain white Flint
Ridge chert that was
used on Hopewells in
the Ohio area.  It's a
bit thick near the
base, but the prices
reflects it.  It would
still look nice in
anyones case.

P07-04 Thebes
The picture really doesn't
do the colors and the
patterns the justice they
deserve on this point.  This
Thebes is made out of
Nethers variety Flint Ridge
Chert and it's a beauty.  I
almost kept this one for
me, but decided to let it go
to you. This point is 2 3/4
inches long, 1 1/2 inches
wide across the barbs, and
has a nice bevel to it like
the originals.  This point is
also nice and thin at a hair
over 1/4 of an inch at it's
thickest part.  The base &
hafting areas are ground
and polished just like the
originals.  This is a great
replica for any collection.

P07-05 Hopewell
Here's a super
Hopewell point made
out of Nether's Flint
Ridge Chert.  It has a
super blue/white
lightning streak across
the midsection.  The
cream colored spots
toward the base are
truly that "fuzzy", it's
not a blurred picture.  
If this one doesn't sell,
It's going in my keeper
case! ! It's not a big one
(sorry K.B.), but you
can't beat the colors.  
At almost 3 1/4 inches
long and 2 inches at it's
widest part, it's the
right size for the type.

P08-27 Crowfield
Crowfield points are a late
Northeastern Paleo fluted
point.  The type site is in
Southeastern Canada and
their distribution is mainly
in the North and
Northeastern United States.  
Crowfields are very rare and
are the Northern equivalent
of the Folsom.  This
Crowfield is made from
Onondoga Chert, and is 1 1/2
inches long by 1 inch at it's
widest part.  Multiply fluted
on both faces and ground
properly around the base.

P07-01 Thebes
Thebes point made
from heat treated
Buffalo River Chert.  
It's 2 3/4 inches long
and a hair over 11/2
inches wide across the
barbs.  There is a
really nice bevel on
this point, just like the
originals were.

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