Primitive Art Products
 Below is a directory of various knapped products that you can purchase from us.  If you see a product
or products you want to purchase, send us an email at:  All New York
State sales taxes are included in the purchase price.  Whoever emails me first will have the first
purchasing rights to the selected  product or products.  Upon receipt of your email request to purchase
an item or items, we will figure out the shipping costs and email them back to you so that you can
make payment by personal check or money order as well as give us the address you would like the
product mailed to.  At that point, we will write "reserved" next to the items you requested to
purchase.  When we receive your personal check or money order, we will wait for it to clear our
business banking account before we ship your purchase.  We will send you an email the day your
product is shipped.  Lastly, we will  write "sold" next to the product we shipped to you on the product

  Please email us at: with any questions regarding the products we have
for sale or with special order requests.  Thank you for looking at our fine products!
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New products added to most pages on 1/24/11