Some of The Most
Asked Questions
About Flintknapping
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  On this page it is my hope that I can answer the most common
questions I hear folks ask at knap-ins.  The answers I provide are
based on the things I know as a knapper and are my opinion.  Other
knappers may give you the same advice or something different.  The
information here will hopefully save you from asking a knapper or
e-mailing him or her questions that they've answered many times over.
Beginner Questions
Advanced Questions
5)  How do I get my bifaces thinner?
6)  What is an isolated platform?
7)  How do I get my bases thinner so that they notch easier?
8)  How do I flute Clovis points with a jig?  How do I flute without a jig?
More Answers Coming
Soon Please Check Back
More Answers Coming
Soon Please Check Back
Last Updated 1/12/09
Last Updated 1/12/09