Knap-ins are the best place to go to learn how to flinknap.  Seeing knappers of various skill levels knapping,
along with rock, tools and teaching resources (videos & books) all in one place, provides the perfect
opportunity to get started the right way.

   If crowds of strangers are intimidating to you, you may want to print out every bit of information you can
find on the internet and start assebling a three ring binder as a reference.  I did this and it was really helpful,
and I even refer back to the binder on occassions to brush-up on skills when I've having trouble.  I also
learned a great deal right in my home through watching the great videos that are out there by various
Moundbuilder books is a good place to find quality videos.  I can recommend their line of videos
because I own most of them and learned much from them.

   Lastly, try to find a knapper near you that you can learn from.  Try not to stalk him too badly, and he may
just become your friend and mentor.