The Stone Tool Craftsmen Show (affectionately called the N.Y. knap-in or the Letchworth knap-in)
is usually held annually on the last weekend of August at Letchworth State Park.  The location
where it's set up is on the high banks area, and it has great bathroom accomodations, camping on
site for knappers, and plenty of parking.  This is the largest knap-in in the Northeast, so if you live
in the Northeast, you can not afford to miss coming!  Below are a few pictures to give you an idea of
what our Letchworth knap-in looks like.
Letchworth Knap-in
Here's a look down the "Main
Street" of the Letchworth knap-in.  
This particular year we had a lot of
rain so things were still a little wet
and muddy, but that didn't stop the
huge crowds of people from
coming.  This picture only shows
about 1/4 of the entire knap-in
area.  Then of course there is a
moutain man camp, and Civil and
Revelutionary war camps as well.
If you've never had a chance to
look at a real teepee, you will see
one every year at the Letchworth
Knap-in.  You can actually walk in
this one, as it's owner is a vendor
that sells a lot of neat primitive
type crafts and primitive self bows