Flintknapping Resources
  Currently I use copper billets and tools to create stone tools and points.  
Historically, aboriginals used antler billets, stone billets, and anter pressure
flakers to make their stone tools.  Early on in my knapping career I used moose
antler, and white-tailed deer antlers to do my percussion work.  I switched to
copper tools because they are more durable and need less maintenance than their
antler counterparts.  I can use both copper and antler tools while knapping the
same piece of stone, but stick to copper most of the time.  If a customer needs a
replica made completely with antler, stone, and bone, I can do that also.

   One of my favorite points to knap is the Susquehanna point as well as
Hopewell and Snyder's points.  I hope you find the below resources and opinions
helpful and interesting.
Take a look at the points that I just can't part with at this time.  These points are part of my keeper
Frustrated?  Check out my answers to some of the most common flintknapping questions that are asked
View some of the nice points, knives, arrows and other things I've knapped and put together that you
can buy
See traditional antler tools and modern copper flintknapping tools
See most of the knappable cherts that we have in New York
See many of the most popular cherts and flints that American flintknappers prefer
See pictures of knappers and their work.  The knappers featured here are either knappers that I've bought
points from or they sent me a point and their picture for display on this site.  Learn how knappers can have
their pictures displayed with their a point that they knapped.
Last Updated 8/10/11
Hands down, this is one of the largest Genesee Points knapped by any modern knapper.  Don't miss
looking at the "Ginormous Genny".