Here we offer unique sculptures that were hand crafted by Michael McGrath.  Mike's sculptures are unique and
we've not seen anything like them offered for sale on the web or at knap-ins we've attended.  The first knap-in we
had these for sale, they generated a lot of interest and we sold half of them by the end of the weekend.  The basic
thought behind these sculptures is that they represent arrows or darts lodged in the bones of game animals taken by
the ancient ones.  If you could have sifted through the bones of anciently taken game, maybe you would have
viewed projectiles embedded in animal bones.  Of course, after thousands of years the wood, sinew, and bone tend
to decay, but buying one of our sculptures preserves a moment that could have occurred as well as lets you imagine
a story to go along with your sculpture.  At any rate, these are just really neat to have and will be sure to generate
conversation wherever they are displayed.  The shafts connected to the projectiles are Red Dogwood, and the
bones they are embedded in are real deer bones that I clean and age.  All this sits on a Black Walnut base.  Each
sculpture comes with my signature and the year it was made, so these will become collectable the older they become

   If you desire a sculpture like these, accept you want a different point or something along those lines, please
contact Mike for a special order at
This beauty is truly hard to part with and I almost kept it to
display on my desk at work.  This 7 inch tall piece has a 1
1/2 inch white
Burlington Chert Cahokial Tri Notched point
attached to a dogwood shaft with hide glue, pine pitch glue,
and real deer sinew.  I felt this was the best sculpture I took
to my last knap-in and am frankly surprised I still have it in
inventory.  Don't let someone else own this one, as I only
make a few of these each year.

Cahokia Spine Shot
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Madison Rib Shot
I've only made two of these so far, and one is owned by a
Canadian Flintknapper.  This piece is the largest that I do at 10
inches tall and 10 1/2 inches long.  A lot of work goes into one of
these sculptures in order to combine primitive function,
archaeology, and art.  The 2 inch long Madison point is made
out of Onondaga Chert and embedded into a white tailed deer
rib that was made to look old.  This will for sure generate some
click on picture for larger
Clovis Spine Shot
Last Updated 1/26/08
Last Updated 1/26/08
This is one neat sculpture.  It's a Coshocton Clovis point in a real deer spine bone.  There is no doubt that this could have happened
during a hunt, but here I offer one of my finely knapped Clovis points that I inserted into a deer spine.  This would look great on a
desk or on a shelf next to your other Indian collectables.  Who do you know who has anything like this?  The base is made out of
premium black walnut.