Hornstone Turkey Tail Replicas
I made this Turkey Tail from a half nodule of Kentucky Hornstone.  There
is still cortex on the base just like the originals had and near cortex on the
tip also.  The challege with a half nodule is to get the hump back portion
off without losing too much width and no length.  It's also a challenge to
keep cortex on the ends and still get them thin enough to be in the range
of the originals.  The above replica was made 1/22/07 and is in my personal
collection for now.
This is the best turkey tail point I've completed to date.  It's made from
Indiana Hornstone I bought from Roy Miller in 2010.  The bands are
beautiful and the flaking was pretty clean.  At 5 3/4 inches long, it went
straight into my personal keeper case and I suspect that is where it will
stay for some time.  Below is a picture showing how thin I was able to get it.