Insitu Pictures
Insitu is a term Avocationals and collectors alike use that means "in
situation" or "just as you found it".  Here are pictures of some of my
artifact recoveries just as the artifact was before I touched it.  In essence,
you are seeing what I saw as I walked up to the artifact.  Enjoy!
Below: Here is the Genesee/Snook Kill point.  All I saw was the dry
area of the base sticking out, and I thought it was debitage until I
tugged on it and it moved the clump of dirt that surrounded it.  You
can see where my fingers dug around it until I revealed the barb and
realized it was a whole point.  It was hard to pause and take this
picture knowing what may have been hiding in there.  This is a good
example of why I bend down and pick up every chip.
Below: This point was barely visable, but there was no doubt that
this was an artifact.  The hard rain earlier that morning probably
revealed this Susquehanna point.  I was especially happy when I
removed it and it was whole, because up to that point I hadn't found
a complete point made from Rhyolite yet.  It takes a keen eye to spot
points like this, and I could have easily walked over this point
leaving it for the next avocational to find.