Insitu Pictures
Insitu is a term Avocationals and collectors alike use that means "in
situation" or "just as you found it".  Here are pictures of some of my
artifact recoveries just as the artifact was before I touched it.  In essence,
you are seeing what I saw as I walked up to the artifact.  Enjoy!
Below: I walked into this field, only to see footprints.  The footprints
walked into the field and then turned to go Northeast, well I kept
going straight and found this Levanna point fully exposed.  That
was the story of that particular day.  The footprints of the other
person seemed to wander here and there, yet a careful row by row
search turned up many points, pottery, and pitted stones. I wonder
what that piece of chert to the right of the point was.....didn't see
that until I was home looking at this photo.
Below: This Levanna was found the same day and on the same site
as the one pictured to it's left.  I found this one about 30 feet away
from where the one on the left was found.  Again, this was an area
skipped by the set of footprints.  What a nice day to find spend out
in the fields!  It almost looks like an arrowshaft could be attached to
it under the soil, doesn't it.