The Stone Tool Craftsmen Show (affectionately called the N.Y. knap-in or the Letchworth knap-in)
is usually held annually on the last weekend of August at Letchworth State Park.  The location
where it's set up is on the high banks area, and it has great bathroom accomodations, camping on
site for knappers, and plenty of parking.  This is the largest knap-in in the Northeast, so if you live
in the Northeast, you can not afford to miss coming!  Below are a few pictures to give you an idea of
what our Letchworth knap-in looks like.
Letchworth Knap-in Cont'd
Here's another Tepee vendor at
the 2005 Letchworth Knap-in.  One
year we had a pretty powerful
thunderstorm and while the little
easy-up tents were blowing away,
the Tepees didn't even move.
A fine display of points by Chris
Miller from Ohio.  There's Upper
Mercer, Flint Ridge, Nethers Flint
Ridge, and Obsidian points in this
display.  You will not find better
E-notch points than the ones made
by Chris.  Several nice E-notches
are in this display case.
A fine display of points by Steve
Nissly from Pennsylvania.  
Represented here are
Pennsylvania Jasper, Onondaga
Chert and some others I don't
recognize.  These are some of the
best Perkioman Points &
Susquehanna Broad points you will
ever get to see.
Left is knapper Chris Pappas knapping in his bare feet.  Chris
is another great knapper from NY.  Above is a picture of one
of the many cases of Chris' fine authentic looking hafted
Left is knapper Ken Wallace signing a point he
made for the kid who sat and watched him make it.  
Ken's pretty busy during the Letchworth knap-in,
but he still finds time to trade his points make points
to give to the curious that filter through the main
knapping tent throughout the weekend.
Here's a close-up picture of some of Jim Fisher's
fine points that he's knapped over the years.  Jim
always has a table at Letchworth, and it's always a
great display to visit when you walk through the
various vendors & tables.
Every once in a while, knappers who collect
authentic points bring some to show around.  A
Florida knapper showed me this beauty that he
found while diving with scuba gear in Florida.  You
can see the coral structure right in this piece.  
Absolutely gorgeous!!  The same knapper also had
this display of his best Florida finds on display at his
vendor tent.