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  All of the artifacts on this page were found by me personally and have been documented by
date of find, site location, and location within each site.  I also attach a catalog number on each
artifact to link it to my documentation.  These artifacts have also been collected from the surface
of agriculturally disturbed fields in South Central New York State with the permission of the
private land owners.  I do not advocate excavation, digging or "pot hunting" by amateurs, nor
do I participate in such activities.  I support excavation by professional archaeologists only or by
avocationals and interested people only if supervised by professionals.  None of the artifacts
you view here are for sale, nor will they be offered for sale at any time.  I hope that you will
enjoy viewing the artifacts on these pages and that it will inspire you to learn more about the
aboriginal people groups that lived where you currently do.
Left: From left to right:
Esopus Chert biface
found in Cortland
County, NY, Onondaga
Chert biface found in
Cortland County, NY,
Rhyolite Biface found in
Chenango County, NY -
All are very instructive
as to ancient knapping
practices as well as
transportable lithics for
trading or for a cache.

Right:  left to right,  
"turtle back" scraper
made of Onondaga
Chert and found in
Cortland County, NY,
Knife or Scraper made
from Esopus and found
in Cortland County, NY
Click on pictures to see insitu photo when available
Left:  left to right,
Hammer stones for
knapping, the two on the
left were found in
Chenango County, NY,
while the one on the
right was bought in
Florida and came from
the Jacksonville area.  
All show great peck
marks from knapping
while the long one on
the left was used more
like a stone billet.

Right:  My first whole
pestle find from
Chenango County, NY.  
The surface nearest the
ruler is flat & smooth.
No insitu photo available
Insitu photos available
Last updated 6/10/07
Left:   Celt made from
an unknown hard stone
and has finger holding
places pecked into the
surface showing in the
picture, found in
Cortland County, NY,
Netweight found in
Cortland County, NY.  
This artifact was found
while fishing in the
River.  It laid fluttering
in a small rapids.

Right:  Mullers, or
metates, both found in
Cortland County, NY.  
Excellent wear on the
sides showing in this
picture.  Both are very
Insitu photos available
No insitu photo available
No insitu photo available
No insitu photo available