Favorite Points
 Master New York knapper Ken Wallace, of Castile, advocates that each knapper should
establish a "Keeper Case" of his or her's best knapping work as most knappers end up selling
their best pieces. I followed Ken's advice and offer you a look here at some of my "Keeper
Case" points.  While my points may not be on par with some of the great knappers, they do
represent my current best abilities and will of course be replaced with better points as I improve.  
The below points are not for sale, but if you really can't live unless you own one of them, you
may be able to talk me out of some of them for much more than their market value.

  Also be sure to check out pictures of some of the
first ugly points I knapped in the first months
and years of my knapping career.
Above are 3 of my best Crowfield points.  These point appeared in a 2010 article I authored for Chips magazine.  When I made these Crowfields, I
wanted to give them an original look as if they could be artifacts.  I believe I achieved that goal.  The middle point is made from Onondaga Chert
while the left and right ones are made from Upper Mercer chert.
Above is a fine replica of a Folsom point and is the best I've made to date.  
It's fluted on both sides to such an extreme that it is literally paper thin
between the flutes.  It's made out of Horse Creek Chert.
On 10/31/09 a small private gathering happened at Letchworth Park.  This
piece of Flint Ricge was a Christmas gift from knapper Chris Miller due to
him selling rock to us all at a discount.  This piece ended up being flawless
and thin.  I'd always been too much of a chicken to try and E-Notch point,
due to me thinking "Why ruin a good Thebes point?" .  This is my first ever
E-Notch point and I was thrilled with how it turned out.  At 3 3/4 inches
long it's a very nice flawless piece
Above is the most accurate Hardin Pont I've ever made.  I knapped this piece
while at the 2008 Letchworth Knap-in and everything just seemed to fall into
place.  I'd been practicing the Hardin's deceiving easy notches and the
practice paid off with this 4 1/2 inch beauty made from Burlington Chert
Above is a super nice Orient Fishtail Made from a type of Burlington Chert
that looks so much PA Jasper that it could have fooled me.  At 4 1/4 inches
it's a large example of a famous Northeastern Woodland point type.  Many
originals were also made of PA Jasper.
Above is a beautiful Hardin point made from some extra colorful creek
pebble Burlington Chert.  I made this for an on-line contest with the
Knappers-R-Us forum.  I think I came in second.  It's a hair under 3 1/2
inches long.
Above is a super nice Dovetail Corner Notch.  Everything just seemed to fall
into place with this one.  There isn't much I can find wrong with it.  At a
hair under 4 inches it's a keeper for sure
Above is a fine replica of a Northeastern Clovis point.  It's the most
authentic looking Clovis I've ever made.  It's made from patinized
Onondaga Chert and both flutes are about equal.  It's 3 inches long.
Above are my three best Susquehanna point.  The longest and the shortest are
made from our native New York State Esopus Chert.  The middle one is made
from Texas Georgetown Flint.  The longest point is 7 1/2 inches long and is a
personal best for me.  I also thought it was neat that I made them all in
consecutive years starting in 2009.
Can anyone say Dalton!  The above four points were made to go in my keeper case of authentic Olive Branch Site and
Crowley's Ridge Site artifacts.  They were my best reproductions based upon studying the real pieces.  The materials from left to
right are:  Burlington, Esopus, raw Creek Pebble Burlington, and Heat Treated Burlington.  While the Esopus is not a true
material for this point type, the drill turned out fabulous.
Though this beautiful point is not in my keeper cases and got away, it is still my
very best Perkiomen Point made to date.  It is made of high quality PA Jasper with
a very nice quartz vein running through it that is translucent when held up to the
sun.  It was a special order point made for a PA artifact collector as a center piece
for a frame of original artifact Perkiomens.  Wish I had this one back!!