Museum Replication
Museum replica work is near and dear to the heart of what I like to do with my flintknapping and primitive
art skills.  Many replicas can be felt and touched by exhibit viewers which brings the museum experience
from behind the glass to the finger tips of the curious.

To see, and then see and touch will solidify the memory of the exhibit by engaging two of the human senses at
the same time in a way that multimedia technology cannot.  Adding such an experience to a museum exhibit
has the ability to captivate viewers, give them a solid memory of what they experienced, and adds richness
without added costs of acquiring authentic artifacts.

In fact, utilizing museum replicas to augment your collections can fill in gaps as well as give the exhibit
viewer something to touch or get a closer view.
Museum Projects That Display My Work
The California Museum, California Native American Exhibit
Ipswich Museum, Dig It After School Archaeology Education
(click to view display pictures of the replicas created or the exhibits)