New York Lithic Raw Materials
  New York State is not known for it's abundance of quality cherts, but we do have a few
that knap very nicely.  New York knappers are very proud of their cherts and consider it a
right of passage to be able to master them.  While there are several more lesser cherts that
can be found in New York, below I've listed the main types that knapped most and are
the most popular.  There are other cherts found naturally in New York that are not listed

aka Onondoggie,
Stinky Rock

Onondaga Chert
  Onondaga Chert runs in a bed that extends through part
of Cananda, accross New York, and into Pennsylvania.  
This chert comes from a layer known as the Early to Middle
Devonian.  Onondaga outcrops in various places in Western
New York and on the shores of Lake Erie.  It is also quite
common for glacially deposited Onondaga to appear in
small cobbles in Western Pennsylvania.  Onondaga chert is
know as a petrolithic chert as it does have some petrolem in
it's composition.  When you knap it, it gives off the odor of
crude oil, or at least the smell of some knappers old 1973
van when it's loaded down with rock after a knap-in.  We
who are proud to knap this chert refer to the crude oil odor
as "the stink".
Esopus Chert
 Esopus chert is mainly found in South Eastern New York
State.  It outcrops in a few road cuts and in several streams
that run through the chert bed.  The quality of Esopus chert
varies widely from a grainy light grey that is poor quality to a
greenish dark grey that is high quality.  Within some of the
areas I quarry Esopus, there is a variety that has a light
orangish brown cortex with a black high quality inner
material.  The pieces of black lithic material are usually quite
laced with seams, but small spalls of clean material can be
Normanskill Chert
Normanskill is another Eastern New York Chert.  It was
the most cherished and sought after lithic material by the
Paleo groups that hunted in New York State.  It outcrops in
road cuts and streams through most of the far South Eastern
New York area near the border with Massachusettes and
Connecticuit. There are several Paleo and Archaic quarry
pits in that area The quality of Normanskill chert also can
vary from tougher types right up to beautiful qualities that
compare to nice Jaspers. It's colors can be light mint green
(rarer), dark green, to green with dark veins running through
it.  In my opinion, it's the most beautiful native lithic material
in all of New York State.
Snake Hill Chert
Snake Hill chert is a dark black chert that is also found in
South Eastern New York State.  I haven't knapped much of
it, but the quality appears to be on par with the better
qualities of Esopus.  I found my Snake Hill chert right at the
same source of the Esopus I quarry.  While this chert isn't
really popular with New York flintknappers, I had a piece
and thought I would add it here anyways.  All of the Snake
Hill I've ever viewed comes in smooth rounded edge
cobbles.  These cobbles are so round & smooth, that I'm
guessing they were deposited by glacial activity and that the
source must be quite a bit north.