Replica Tomahawks & Indian
Tomahawks were the most feared and revered weapons that the early settlers faced in the eastern Colonial America.  
Authentic pipe tomahawks and tomahawks are more rare than most understand.  Purchasing an authentic tomahawk or
pipe tomahawk in presentation condition can cost tens of thousands of dollars.  A recent George Washington presentatiion
pipe tomahawk discovered on PBS' Antiques Roadshow fetched a whopping $150,000 at auction.

Luckily, if you want a really nice tomahawk to hang on your wall or to display with your other similar decorative collectibles,
there are many who make replica pipe tomahawks.  These replicas can be purchased for much, much less than the
originals and in some cases are in better display condition.  This is a huge advantage for those who want to hold and
collect a tomahawk without taking a home equity loan out to do so.

I saw a sign posted at local specialty show that says "The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of
the low price is forgotten."  This espeically applies to purchasing a replica tomahawk or pipe tomahawk (known as
hawks).  There are a lot of hawks on the market with most falling in the sparkling tourist quality.  These cheaply made
hawks are often adorned with feathers (uuuggghhh!) and have no regard for period style or decoration.  The price is
cheap and you often get what you pay for.  As the years go on, the sweetness of the cheap purchase wears off and you
like the hawk less & less.

I only make high-end replica hawks or presentation hawks of museum quality and appearance.  Hours and hours of work
are invested in each hawk to either produce a final product that looks old like it belongs in a museum, or something new
that is period appropriate.  Only period appropriate stains and finishes are used, which often involve hours of hand
rubbing the handles.  I spend hours aging each brass tack with a patina and build-up the appropriate amount of "dirt"
around each brass tack that should be there if it were 200 or more years old.

Simply stated, when you figure my time into each hawk, you realize I make hawks because I enjoy to do so.  I collect other
hawk makers work, and I want  you to have the opportunity to enjoy owning a high quality tomahawk replica.
The Iroquois coveted the metal axe.  It was very much a status symbol amongst the many
Iroquois tribes.  Here are some examples of this particular style that I make.  All are made with
individually aged brass takes and an old brownish black patina.  The handles are finished with
period correct stains and period correct pine distillate polish coat.  A dark rich build-up of patina
is applied around the brass tacks to replicate 200 - 300 years of dirt that should be present on
an authentic tomahawk of that period.  They make fine additions to a re-enactment costume or a
museum piece.  Contact me for a special order or purchase one here that is marked "for sale".
THWK11-01 Iroquois War Axes        $225.00
Last Updated 3/21/16
The English and French were quick to find that the Northeastern Indians were willing to trade for
metal goods.  Combining two Native American past times (war and smoking) , these early settlers
made pipe tomahawks.  Most presentation grade pipe tomahawks were intended as gifts to high
ranking Native Americans to forge agreements between the white settler and the Native
Americans.  These peices where made out of the finest materials such as curly maple, brass
tacks, and silver inlays.  Authentic pipe tomahawks of this grade retail for tens of thousands of
dollars and are often museum pieces.  I offer replicas of the same quality but at a price a
collector can live with.
THWK11-02 Presentation Pipe Tomahawk       $350.00
The French trading from the Canadian area had their own particular twist to the pipe tomahawk
called the spontoon.  Spontoons are earlier trade items and often pre-date the pipe tomahawks.  
Variants of this type of weapon were also traded to the Mid Western tribes.  Finding spontoons is
particularly difficult.  Nobody is really making them these days.  Mine are from a hand-forged
source and hold true to form.  The spontoon is one of my favorite pieces and are favorites with
my sellers.  Everything of course is hand made and finished to museum replica specifications.
THWK11-03 French Spontoon       $375.00