Trading Blanket
Here is a place were you have a chance to trade me something primitive or artifact related for something I'm offering that is also along
those lines.

Trading is a time honored tradition amongst the Native Americans of North America.  It was one of the ways that they aquired things
they needed and often things that they wanted for material reasons.  In this world of self interest, I thought it might be refreshing to
revert back to a time when value was determined by satisfaction from a trade where both people involved walked away happy and willing
to trade again.
Here's How it Works
I will post something below, on the trade blanket, for trade with anyone who happens upon the site.  You e-mail me with your object that
you would like to trade in exchange for the item or items I've posted below (e-mailed pictures would be very helpful).  As I get offers, I
will post the one I like best under the item on the trade blanket (name of trader excluded) so that other traders can know what the current
best trade offer I have is so that they can compete with that.  At the end of the trading period for that item, I will contact the trader who
gave me the best trade to work out the details of mailing etc....I'm not a fan of rules, but things like this work better with them so here
they are.

1)  Only I can post items on the trade blanket.

2)  The item will be left on the trade blanket for 1 month (unless there is no offer then it will
remain   there).

3)  Shipping is paid by each party to the trade for their own trade items.

4)  If you are the party I pick to trade with, you must ship your trade to me first for my
inspection.    Upon receipt, I will ship the item to you that is on the trade blanket if I'm satisfied.  If
there is            any problem, I will attempt to work it out or I will pay to ship your item back.

5)  All trades are final once my item is shipped, unless either party feels misrepresentations were
made about the traded item(s). A trade back may then be negotiated with each party paying
the         shipping of their traded items back.  Knappers are honerable people, so the trades will be
on the        honor of your name and reputation.

6)  The item offered for trade must be either knapping related, primitive related, or artifact
related.    All other offers may be rejected by me.  With my preference just stated, feel free to make
other           offers, but understand they may be rejected.

7)  I reserve the right to pull any item off the trade blanket at any time.  I also reserve the right
to      refuse any offer I feel isn't consistant with the purposes of this site and / or not consistent with
my      interests.

Phew!  now that those are out of the way, go ahead and make a trade and see what happens.
Current Winning Trade:
Item Up For Trade:
No trade offers yet, be
the first.
Enlarged view of blade
Nice Beveled Thebes Point
2 3/4 inches long x 2 inches wide
Dark Ohio Coshocton Material
with Letchworth dirt on it
Last Updated 1/24/11
Last Updated 1/24/11